Clearnet & onion

Since recently, Evil Python is also hosted at http://www.evilpython.pw

The IRC Network EvilPython is hosted on

(This is also where the #Evilpython bot is hosted)

To join us on the IRC, use kitsune6uv4dtdve.onion/6697 as your address and port, then join #evilpython.


  • Blackhat Python
  • Grayhat Python
  • Violent Python
  • Learn Python The Hard Way
  • [Links an external source povides]

  • Github ~ Many urls This is his github with many other links not only Python-related.

  • Python Related:
  • Mediafire 1 Network PT using Python and Kali Linux
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Python Beyond The Basics
  • My own Python Scripts:

  • TCP Scanner~ No Nmap functionality
  • Nmap Scanner
  • Unix Crypter ~ Makes a passwords.txt file
  • Unix Cracker ~ Requires a dictionary.txt and passwords.txt
  • Zipfile Cracker ~ Requires a dictionary.txt and a zipfile, which you specify by input.

  • Torbot V0.1 ~ Silly Torbot that lists some links etc. (aka: EvilPython bot)
  • LinkFinder V0.1 ~ Fetches and parses urls from my onion for the torbot
  • KeywordFinder V0.1 ~ Fetches keywords and also allows you to ask for their description.

  • License of most of my scripts

  • Wget all of my scripts:

    (onion:) torify wget --mirror --accept=txt http://uyzhkgz6hyvcpdrh.onion
    (clearnet:) wget -- mirror --accept=txt http://www.evilpython.pw
    (Add -P to pick an output location)

    A big shoutout to my fellow op's for all of their help.

    All of my code is at least spaghetti, if not lasagna.

    Note: I'm sorry if there are any malicious links, it's extremely hard for me to check everything in advance. Let me know and I'll fix it!
    You can e-mail me at: topaz@volatile.ch